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Vecado is proud to announce a new addition to its product line: Benevo, the largest independent vegan pet food company in the world, and the recepient of numerous awards! 



Popular in over 40 countries, Benevo started its operations in the UK back in 2004, when the need for ethical, planet-friendly vegan pet food products became apparent in British vegetarian and vegan households. 

Rather than campaigning for change or begging Mars and Purina to listen, the founders of Benevo believed, and still do, in providing real world alternatives to traditional meat pet foods, by replacing those essential nutrients found in meat with bio-available alternatives from non-animal sources. Working independently, they could apply their knowledge and ethics without having to please shareholders. After a year of research and development they launched Benevo Dog and Benevo Cat as a solution to the ethical problem. Since then, they have continued to invest, develop and pioneer meat-free pet food nutrition for the benefit of all animals with certified organic food, grain-free options and rawhide alternative treats, to name but a few.  


Benevo products are approved by the UK Vegan Society and Vegetarian Society. The company is also PETA approved for not testing on animals and for two years it has achieved the highest level possible from the Good Shopping Guide’s Ethical Organisation Award of 100 out of 100. Also, the Ethical Consumer Magazine rated Benevo Dog Organic as the most ethical pet food with a score of 20/20.

Vecado is now offering the following award-winning, widely popular Benevo products:

For Dogs and Cats: 

Benevo Duo is a premium moist dog food, formulated with potatoes, carrots, peas, tomatoes and berries with brown rice, to make a tasty and nutritious meal.

Blueberries, cranberries and ascorbic acid promote healthy pH levels in urine.

This product is supplemented with vegan sourced Taurine, added vitamins B1,B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, C, Folic Acid with Zinc, Iron, Manganese, Copper and Calcium.


For Puppies:

Benevo Puppy Original is a nutritionally complete and balanced food formulated for growing puppies, manufactured since 2012.


The first complete vegan puppy food made in the UK, Benevo Puppy has added calcium, vitamins and minerals to meet the pup’s growing needs

For Dogs:

Benevo Dog Adult Original is a nutritionally complete and balanced vegan adult dog food made since 2005 and now with added Taurine and L-Carnitine.

Made in the UK, Benevo Adult Original dog food features a wheat-free formulation, added prebiotic to aid digestion and Yucca extract to reduce odors. 


Benevo Adult Organic Dog Food is a nutritionally complete and balanced vegan adult dog food, certified organic by the Organic Food Federation UK and manufactured under licence from the Organic Farmers and Growers UK.

The first complete vegan organic dog food made in the UK, this product features a wheat-free recipe, with added prebiotic to improve digestion.

Benevo Grain-Free Vegetable Feast With Mixed Herbs is a unique, high-quality wheat- and soya-free wet food, ideal for those owners looking to avoid grains in their dog's diet.

Nutritionally complete formula is completed with rosemary and tomato to provide natural antioxidants, seaweed to provide a natural source of essential vitamins and minerals, sunchoke to aid digestion and linseed to provide omega oils.

 Benevo® biodegradable poop bags

Made from a sustainable and eco-friendly cornstarch base, these certified compostable poop bags are literally as green as you can get!

Unlike most plastic bags which are fossil based and don’t degrade, these bags will fall apart into million of particles in the soil, and are truly compostable.


For Cats:

Benevo Cat Adult Original is a nutritionally complete and balanced vegan adult cat food made since 2005 and now with added Taurine and Spirulina.

Non-GMO formula, it contains a powerful 28% protein, prebiotic to aid digestion and added Yucca extract to reduce odours. Foil fresh packaging inhibits the reproduction of bacteria, because this material does not absorb moisture and fat.

Check out our full Benevo collection for cats and dogs!

Questions about our Benevo line? We'll be happy to answer them at 


Team Vecado 



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    Hello, I live in Burlington Ontario Canada. Could you please tell me where I
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