Vegan Supplements for Dogs and Cats

A vegan diet for cats & dogs is an adaptation to counteract the cruel factory farming reality of the modern world. 

To make vegan diets more effective, Vecado offers a number of health boosters and supplements for the 3 main functions:

  1. Easy transition
  2. Health maintenance
  3. Preparation of vegan pet food @ home

Please see the corresponding columns in the table below.

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Scenario 1. when transitioning to a vegan diet


The older your furry friend, the more their tongue is set to a particular flavour. If they've been fed meat-based kibble or wet food all their life, that's probably the kind of flavour they are used to eating. Pet food industry uses strong flavour enhancers/additives, that act almost like a drug and pets get addicted to such foods; as a result, switching to a healthier vegan food may appear mild and even bland to some cats & dogs. To help with the transition, we recommend adding different varieties of Nutritional Yeast, which add a bright cheesy flavour.


To avoid stomach upset or runny stool when switching to a vegan diet, it's a good idea to add digestive enzymes. Digestive enzymes help assimilating plant-based matter into the body, as opposed to plant-based food going straight through the system.

Digestive enzymes are contained in Enzyme Miracle and in GreenMush.

Scenario 2. taking care of urinary and overall body health

Urinary Health

Plant-based diets, much like vegan diets for humans, tend to be alkalizing for cats & dogs. When fed plants, the pH of urine may become more alkaline, and if the pH becomes too high, this may lead to complications with the urinary system

To lower the pH, acidifiers are used. VegeYeast is great for acidification and so are the cranberries. Cranberries have been medically proven to help prevent Urinary Infections, as well as to acidify the food, thus bringing the pH to a normal level.

For cats & dogs with a history of urinary problems it is strongly recommended to add Cranberry treats, Cranimals powder, or VegeYeast to counteract the alkaline effect.

Overall Body Health 

Although the foods offered by Vecado meet or exceed the daily nutritional requirements for cats and dogs, you are very much encouraged to go beyond, to further strengthen the health of your furry friends.

GreenMush is a superfood providing numerous health benefits; please a separate page outlining all the benefits of GreenMush. 

Cranimals Gold also contains seaweed and contributes to eye health, skin health, brain health, heart function, immune system and joint health.

Scenario 3. preparing complete vegan dog & cat food at home

Preparing meals at home has a number of advantages, such as control over the variety of ingredients, freshness, and economy.

But to cook a nutritionally complete plant-based (also economical) meal for cats and dogs requires supplementation, as there are certain nutrients that are hard to find in plants:

  • arachidonic acid
  • taurine
  • vegan vitamin D3
  • vitamin A
  • methionine and lysine (building blocks of L-carnitine) 

Vegepet™ supplements provide these “hard-to-find” plant-based nutrients.

Note about supplementation

The dry kibble and wet food offered by Vecado are already nutritionally complete and balanced. As such, they do not require further supplementation. For example, adding VegeDog to Ami dry kibble (which is already nutritionally balanced and complete), would result in over-supplementation and is undesirable. VegeDog is to be used in preparation of dog food from scratch using fresh groceries, and not with the commercial (pre-made) kibble.