Vecado has been a great company to deal with for my cats' dietary needs: they have a clean, straightforward website, wonderful customer service, good delivery service and most importantly a great product. I've used their cat kibble for five different cats and they've all been healthy and enjoyed the food. 

Sammy D. M.
Toronto, ON

Choisir une nourriture végétalienne pour mes animaux fut facilité par cette entreprise jeune et dynamique. Les commandes par internet sont simples à faire et j’ai reçu une réponse rapide et personnalisée à chacune de mes questions. La livraison à la porte même ici au Québec est abordable et grandement appréciée !


Favoring a vegan diet for my pets was made easier by this young and dynamic company.  Internet orders are easy to place and I have received a fast and personalized response to each of my questions.  The door-to-door delivery, even here in Quebec, is affordable and truly appreciated!

Marie-Eve C.
Carignan, QC

I have been amazed at the dedication to customer service that my partner and I have experienced with your company. Before there was regular delivery to Hamilton, products were personally delivered to our door without additional charge. Any opportunities for us to save costs that arose were made available to us. Communication has been reliable and what I would consider to be above and beyond. I am grateful for what your company has done for us and I am hopeful that I can spread the word to help your company's success.
Gavin P.
Hamilton, ON

[T]he 5 lb bag of evolution diet vegan cat food arrived today (very promptly i might add) and as soon as i opened it up my 3-year-old cat was very interested in what i was doing. usually for dry cat food i give her ami cat vegan cat food but it's a little expensive to order it from the states (especially these days what with the exchange rate and all), so i thought i'd give this stuff a try...not me personally, i mean, i thought i'd let my cat give it a try. and i gotta tell ya...she loves it! i just gave her a small scoop to begin with. she devoured it and meowed for more! it's hard to resist her so i gave her a little more. when she was finished eating that i was reading the information on the bag and she came up to the bag rubbing it and purring and trying to get inside (what a funny little monkey). so far at least she seems to really enjoy it. both she and i are very happy with the purchase.

Derren K.
Edmonton, AB

7 lbs chihuahua loves it. She actually enjoys this food more than her old meat based foods. Good service from the seller.

Trina W.
Invermere, BC

Super awesome service, food my cats love without cruelty. This is the best!

Belle G.
Beaumont, AB

I have been using the Evolution vegan pet food for my cat Shadow for about a year and she loves it! Especially the cranberry treats I get every shipment. She also likes when I sprinkle on a little yeast. I also add hemp hearts to it as they are a good source of protein for her. She is 11 yrs old and I love her dearly! That is why I don't feed her that slaughterhouse sweepings off the floor. Shadow has never been sick in the time I have had her since she was a kitten, so I must be doing something right? The service is great as my shipment is sent promptly each time. I am happy to do business with an ethical vegan company like Vecado. It is time for humanity to awaken and close the slaughterhouses!

Nick K.
Nelson, BC

My poor bull terrier, Brian, has suffered with skin allergies all his life.  My vet and I have tried many different possible solutions.  My guess was always that it was food based, as many of the solutions involved changing his diet.  I tried every type of hypo-allergenic food and protein type available, fish, duck, lamb, beef, bison, chicken etc.  Tried the raw food diet for about a year.  The last diet involved me buying and cooking him lamb and rice (last suggestion from my vet). Each time I changed his diet, the allergies would clear up for a bit and then come back full strength.  I suspected perhaps he would get relief when the new meat type was introduced and then eventually develop an allergy to that meat type.  This inspired me to seek out a vegetarian diet for him. I tried cooking for him myself at first but was concerned that he wasn’t getting all the nutrients he would need.  So I searched the net and found the Gourmet Maximum Life Dog Kibble from Vecado.  They offer amazing customer service, and I am happy to report that more than 6 months in, Brain is better than he has ever been. He’s bulked up nicely and really seems to love the taste.  I wish I had figured this out much sooner!!
Kevin N.
Newmarket, ON

There's already a vegan dog (and cat) supplier in Toronto called VECADO - it stands for VEgan CAts and DOgs., I have been ordering from them since July 2015. I order for my 4.5 year old, 80 lb female husky, Aura. She might even be part malamute. The brand I have ordered is called Evolution. I have ordered the Gourmet Fondu line and the Max Life line. I have placed 3 large orders with them to date (4 to 5 of the 40 lb bags) and they have delivered them right to my door in Kingston Ontario for free! My dog loves the food and is very healthy according to our vet who has over 30+ years experience. VECADO also carries the AMI line of pet food. All and all, I (and more importantly our furry friend) are very happy with this vegan dog food. One of the owners Mikhail is very helpful and will answer any questions you may have. Note: I have no financial connections whatsoever with this company. I simply feel that if we can feed our pets vegan food we should. If our furry friend lives another 10 or so years (huskies live on average between 12-15 years) she will go through about 3,000 lbs of dog kibble. Imagine how many chickens/cows etc. would have to die in order to feed her if she were not eating vegan food! She is thriving on vegan food so I would strongly urge everyone to move in this direction.
Pierre P.
Kingston, ON

My previously meat eating puppy absolutely LOVES his Evolution Diet Fondu kibble and I noticed his bad breath went away too! Vecado has the best customer service I’ve ever experienced. Mikhail (owner) is always there to save the day when I forget to order the food on time by delivering it late at night and processing my order extra fast. With my first order, he even included some free nutritional yeast to help my pup transition to the new food as well as a pack of sweet potato treats! You can tell it’s about more than just profit for Vecado, they genuinely care about their customers (human and furry ones). Delivery is fast, the team is very accommodating and the food quality is amazing! So thankful to have found this wonderful company.
Sonia D.
Mississauga, ON

Our dogs love the food. We mix the 2 varieties [Fondue and Max Life] when we feed them. Our Canadian Eskimo dog is really sensitive & had hot spots on her face from any conventional food. Since being on a vegan diet her face has cleared up.
Loiel S.
Dawson Creek, BC