Shipping & Shuttle Info

Vecado delivers all across Canada, USA and Internationally with 2 service types:

  • via major carriers: Canada Post, FedEx, UPS and Purolator
  • via shuttle delivery service - see shuttle details below ⬇️

We also offer local pickups in Toronto and Metro Vancouver / Coquitlam, and there are stores across the country that distribute vegan pet food.

Deliveries in Canada

Canada Post - FedEx

We ship to all locations in Canada by Canada Post and FedEx. These are trackable services and tracking information is emailed once the order is shipped. 

In Ontario and BC we also offer Vecado Shuttle Delivery service (see the next section)

Orders sent with Canada Post or FedEx over 50lb are usually split into multiple packages to accommodate carrier weight requirements. Canada Post does not accept orders over 65lb in Ontario and over 50lb in BC. 

For orders over 50lb please contact us at, and we'll help you optimizing the shipping method.

Delivery Estimates: add 24-48 hours for Packing

Delivery estimates displayed at the checkout do not include the packing time.

Always add 24-48 hours to the estimate displayed at the checkout.

Shuttle Service

We offer a popular and convenient shuttle delivery service in Ontario and the Vancouver area.

    Ontario Shuttle

    In Ontario the delivery shuttle runs every week.

    Orders submitted by 2pm on Wednesdays, get delivered between Thursday and Saturday evening (sometimes Mon/Tue)

    The shuttle delivery zones are separated in two groups, based on your location.


    The rates for locations in the regular zone are as follows:

    • $8.99 flat fee for orders under $150
    • FREE delivery for orders over $150 
    • no weight restrictions - request as many items as you like

    The postal codes located in the regular Ontario Shuttle zone are:

    L7J L1S L1T L1Z L9R L4G L9J L9X L4M L4N L1B L1C L1E L3Z L6V
    L6X L6Z L7A L6P L6R L6S L6T L6W L6Y L7R L7S L7T L7L L7M L7N
    L7P L7K L7C L7E L4K L9N M9C M9W M8X M9A M9B M8Y M8Z M9V M8V
    M8W L2A L7G L3M L0R L0S L9B L9G L9H L9K L8L L8M L8N L8P L8R
    L8S L8J L8T L8V L8W L9A L9C L9S L7B L6A L9E L9T L4W L4X L4Y
    L5M L5N L5V L5W L4Z L5A L5B L5R L4T L4V L5S L5T M7R L5C L5K
    L5L L5E L5G L5H L5J L5P L3X L3Y L2E L2G L2H L2J M4A M4B M6L
    M6M L6K L6L L6M L6H L6J L9W L1G L1H L1J L1K L1L L1V L1W L1X
    L1Y L3K L1A L9L L4E L4S L4B L4C M1J M1K M1L M1M M1N M1G M1H
    M1P M1R M2J M1W L9V L2P L2R L2S L2T L2V L2M L2N L2W L8E L8G
    L8H L8K L4A L3T L4J L0G L0C M5H M5J M5B M5C M5E M5G M6P M6S
    M4X M5A M1S M1T M1X M1V M5T M5V M6J M6K M6R M4Y M3A M3B M3C
    M3H M3K M3L M3M M3J M3N M6G M6H M4W M4N M4P M4R M1B M5R M5S
    M4S M4T M4V M1C M1E M9L M9M M5X M5W M7Y M5L M4L M4M M4C M4E
    M4J M4K M6N M6C M6E M7A M4G M4H M5M M5N M5P M6A M6B M5K L8B
    L0H L0A L0B L0P L0J L0N L3P L3R L6G L3S L6B L6C L6E L9P L3C
    L3B L1M L1N L1P L1R M2H M2M M2K M2L M2P M2N M2R L4H L4L M9P
    M9R M9N



    Locations in the extended Ontario shuttle zone are subject to the following delivery rates.

    • $15.99 flat fee for orders under $150
    • $8.99 flat fee for orders over $150
    • FREE delivery fee for orders over $300
    • no weight restrictions - request as many items as you like

    The postal codes located in the extended Ontario Shuttle zone are:

    N9V K7S N5H N0R K8V K8N K8P K8R N8S N9G N4G N7G N3L
    N3P N3R N3S N3T N3V K6V K6T N3W N7L
    K4C N4B N1A N3B N8M N1M K7G N8A
    K6A N5C K2M K2K K2L K2T K2V K2W N4Z K7L
    K7K K7N K7M K7P N9Y N5A N0B N2A N2C N2B N2G N2H N2E
    N2M N2N N2P N2R N1P N1R N1S N1T N3C N3E N3H N2K N2J
    N2L N2T N2V N8H K2S N0P N0M N0N N0L N0J N5Y N5V N5W
    N5X N6M N6J N6K N6G N6H N6C N6E N6L N6N N5Z N6A N6B
    N6P K4M K4P N5R K4B K2C K2E K2G K2J K2R K2H N3A N4X
    K1C K1W K1E K4A K0E N5P K0B N7X K0A K1B K1G K1X K1H
    K1T K1V K1P K1R K1S K2P K1Y K1Z K1A K2A K2B K1J K1K
    K1N K1L K1M N3Y K7H K9J K9K K9H K9L N5L K7V K4R N7W
    N7S N7T N7V K0K K0L K0M K9V L0E L0K L0L L4P L4R L9M
    L9Z P0B P0C P1L P1P N0A N0K


    **Postal codes highlighted in blue are located in the Cottage Seasonal Zone. Please note that the shuttle service concludes on November 10th, 2023, and will resume in Spring 2024 in these areas.**

    Vancouver Shuttle

    Vancouver shuttle runs bi-weekly and is delivered every other weekend:

    • June 1 weekend
    • June 15 weekend
    • June 29 weekend
    • July 13 weekend

    Orders submitted by 2pm on Thursdays, get delivered on Saturday or Sunday.

    The shuttle delivery zones are separated in two groups, marked by the green zone and yellow zone on this map:



    Locations in the green zone are covered by the regular Vancouver shuttle. The delivery fees are as follows:

    • $8.99 flat fee for orders under $150
    • FREE delivery for orders over $150
    • no weight restrictions - request as many items as you like
      The postal codes located in the regular Vancouver Shuttle zone (green zone) are:
      V5K V5L V5M V5N V5P V5R V5S V5T V5V V5W
      V5X V5Y V5Z V6A V6B V6E V6G V6H V6J V6K
      V6L V6M V6N V6P V6R V6S V6T V6Z V3N V5A
      V5B V5C V5E V5G V5H V5J V3L V3M V3J V3K
      V3H V3B V3C V3E V3Y V6V V6X V4C V3R V3T
      V3V V4N V7L V7M V7N V7P V7T V7V V7X V7Y


      Locations in the yellow zone are in the extended Vancouver shuttle zone. The delivery fees are as follows:

      • $12.99 flat fee for orders under $150
      • $8.99 flat fee for orders over $150
      • no weight restrictions - request as many items as you like

      The postal codes located in the extended Vancouver Shuttle zone (yellow zone) are:

      V4E V4G V6Y V7A V7E V7C V6W V3S V3W V3X
      V4P V3Z V4B V2Y V3A V1M

      Notes for Shuttle Deliveries

      Shuttle cut off times - Please observe the shuttle cut off times. If your order comes after the cut off time, we might have to deliver it with the following shuttle.

      Special delivery instructions - any special delivery instructions should be added as a note to the order, and we will do our best to accommodate.

      House deliveries - you don't have to be home to receive the shuttle delivery. House deliveries are dropped off at the front of the house with a confirmation to your email or phone. 

      Apartment deliveries - be sure to provide apartment number and the buzzer code and any other information to help us deliver. If no one is home, orders are left by your door or with the concierge at the front desk with a confirmation to your email or phone

      Out of stock situations - sometimes we run out of stock and unable to ship your order with the upcoming shuttle; in this case we will contact you and advise when the item will be re-stocked, offer replacement options or a refund.


      We ship by UPS, FedEx and Canada Post to the United States.

      These are trackable services, however, please note that limited tracking information is provided by Canada Post to USA.

      Shipping takes 1 to 2 weeks depending on the selected service.


      We ship to North- and South Americas, to Europe, Asia and NZ.

      Delivery by ground (or sea) is available to various international destinations. With ground/sea delivery be prepared to wait 2 to 3 months so you must plan very much in advance. 

      Delivery by air is also available and works well for packages up to 2kg, which is great for supplements and samples. Large volume becomes more expensive by air. We recommend using ground shipping instead of air for larger orders.

      For orders over 50 kg please contact us via and we'll help finding the best international shipping rate.

      Customers in Australia: Regrettably, we have encountered challenges with fulfilling orders to Australia. Consequently, we are no longer able to process or ship orders to Australia. 

      Important Note for International Deliveries

      For international orders, the shipping fees are non-refundable.

      In cases when the order is returned back to Vecado due to customs or other reasons, we can only refund the product cost once the product is received back at our Canadian facility. We cannot refund the cost of shipping.