Homemade Diets

There are 2 vegan ways to feed your pets with nutritionally complete food:

1. Buy precooked vegan food such as dry kibble or canned food (Ami, Evolution etc.)


2. Make vegan pet food at home from your own ingredients. With this approach you must supplement homemade food to ensure adequate vegan nutrition.

Table below summarizes the benefits of each approach so you can decide which way works better for you.

Many people opt to use both methods for different life scenarios.


What's your preferred method?

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There is no need to add supplements to commercial/precooked meals. Ami and Evolution precooked formulas have all the nutrients dogs and cats need. Adding supplements would result in over supplementation. However, if you do cook at home, you must add supplements, because ingredients such as taurine are not available from plant-based sources.


Vecado carries several supplements suitable for adult cats and dogs, as well as for puppies and kittens.

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