Evolution Diet

Over the years Evolution Diet became a popular choice for many Canadians.

However, right now Evolution Diet is experiencing challenges at the production facility and they are not able to supply anyone with kibble food.

As a result, Evolution Diet is out of stock until further notice.

To make up for Evolution Diet inventory shortages, we are offering multiple substitution options.

Alternatives For Dogs

Zen Vegetarian > close alternative to Gourmet Fondue

Walk About Pet - Vegan > close alternative to Maximum Life and Ultra life

Ami Dog

Benevo Original for Dogs

Benevo Organic for Dogs🌿

Green Dog > close alternative to Gourmet Fondue, Max Life and Ultra Life

Alternatives For Cats

Ami cat

Benevo cat

Canned Food

Nummy Tum Tum - Pumpkin (Food topper and treat)

Nummy Tum Tum - Sweet Potato (Food topper and treat)

Benevo Duo for Dogs and Cats

Ami cans for Dogs 

Benevo Trays for Dogs

Evolution Diet Canned food for Dogs and Cats