Evolution Diet

North American brand established in 1989. Evolution Diet is a 100% vegan manufacturer, specializing in dry kibbles, wet food and treats for both cats and dogs. Evolution recently launched a new kibble formula containing premium organic ingredients - Gourmet Ultra Life for Cats and Dogs


Recent Improvements

Evolution Diet is now adding dehydrated beets to its formula - beets is an excellent natural pro-biotic and it has a beneficial effect on digestion
Evolution started adding cranberries to improve the functioning of the urinary system, to protect the urinary tract against bacteria and infections, and also to promote normal functioning of the kidneys and adrenals
Evolution now has the higher concentration of Vitamin E, which may prolong the life of your pet. This vitamin has the potential to protect cell membranes from damage and maintain their elasticity, inhibit oxidation and promote growth and regeneration. Vitamin E is the source of additional strength and energy for your animal
The improved formula also contains higher concentration of the Yucca Root, which benefits functioning of the liver and immune system, strengthening the whole organism. This root also improves functioning of the intestine, as well as significantly reduces the odor of excrement