Unique Vegan Brands - Unique Sample Packs

There are many great plant-based options from Evolution Diet, Ami, Benevo and VegePet. But which one is right for you? Would you go with the already-made kibble and canned food, or would you prefer to make your own food at home

Our sample packs chart and the accompanying table with brands make it easy to determine the products that work best for Your situation!

HOW to pick your Sample Pack?


Making Choices Easier

Sample Pack for Cats

The All-In-One sample pack for cats includes 4 kibble varieties, 2 varieties of moist food in cans, cranberry treats and nutritional yeast for cheesy flavour!

Sample Packs for Dogs

For dogs we carry brand-specific sample packs and the All-In-One MEGA sample pack. When you get the All-in-one MEGA sample you save $5. The choice is yours!

Do-It-Yourself Sample Packs for Cats and Dogs

If you are on the fence regarding cooking pet food at home, then this sample pack is for you! Small-size supplement bags are practical and non-committal, and the step-by-step instructions make it easy to try! This pack also makes for a great 'Plan B' should you ever run out of kibble.