Story about Golden and Spencer
Story about Golden and Spencer

Story about Golden and Spencer

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No allergy!

Our Golden has had Avery bad skin rashes since he was 10 weeks old, Spencer is now 4 yrs. He is allergic to grass, mold, cedar, human dander, meat, and other foods.
We have tried everything: every kind of raw meat and fish, home cooked meat dishes, allergy shots, lots of expensive meds. Nothing worked. He would get the worse skin rashes: oozing yeasty rashes all on his neck and belly.
This summer our vet suggested a vegan diet, based on beans, quinoa, and green leafy veggies. Since making this switch he is doing so much better! Almost completely healed! The odd day he has a mild skin rash or ear infection, I think from the environment outside.
And he is still on Apoquel, for now. We also feed our Brittany spaniel this food as well, since this diet is better for the environment and animals.
We use Vegedog supplement to make sure our dogs are getting all the minerals and vitamins dogs need. We are grateful for Vecado for being a Canadian supplier for Vegedog. Thank you! okay.

Amy G.