Story about Mama cat and her Kittens
Story about Mama cat and her Kittens

Story about Mama cat and her Kittens

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Saving lives...

The cats all love the Ami Cat food, and my middle-aged cat, who has had stomach and motility problems forever is doing spectacularly well on it... better than she has in years.  Two of my friends have switched all their rescue cats to Ami too, and I order for all of us. . .
Extra now, because their cats complained bitterly when they ran out and had to go back to other food. We love saving animals AND decreasing our carbon footprint! Also, Mikhail has been very helpful and patient with my lack of computer skills ... I enjoy doing business with him.
I'm transitioning this rescued mama cat and her kittens to a vegan diet with vegan kitten / lactation supplements from Vecado, and they're doing well.
My older cat has had stomach and motility problems for years, and I was nervous about transitioning her to a vegan diet because she had so many problems with so many different foods, but she has done really well on the Ami cat, and she loves it.
I'm so happy to be able to save other animals, and to lessen our carbon footprint!
- What helped you make the decision to switch to vegan pet food?
- I am an animal rights activist, and an environmental activist after this. I hate thinking of any animal having to suffer and die, and I'm doing everything I can to turn the whole world vegan to save the planet, so transitioning the cats to vegan only made sense. If I can avoid hurting animals and hurting the planet, why wouldn't I???

Marion M.