Story about Maggie

Story about Maggie

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"Maggie - is a treasure in our lives!"

This is Maggie. She is a beautiful mixed breed. She was found by our old neighbour in April 2010, abandoned at hardly 5 or 6 months old. Although he was taking good care of her, he wasn't walking her.
So, after a few months, at the start of summer I offered to walk her. And so started our love story... In the summer of 2015, we adopted her officially.
In March 2016, I became vegan. I was relieved to find out that dogs can also have an exclusively plant based diet and still maintain their good health. Unfortunately, the pet stores in my area don't sell plant based pet food.
I was really pleased to find it at Vecado and it comes right to my door. Maggie always informs us with a loud and deep Woof! that her food has arrived! We love her with a passion. She is a treasure in our lives.
Her favorite game is that WE run after her trying to get to that ball so we can throw it for her. She has a deep profound growl when we play, but she is a big wuss!

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