Story about Lola
Story about Lola

Story about Lola

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Vegan dog - It is possible!

When 5 year old Lola came to us from the shelter, we had no history. In the beginning she was a fussy eater.
Being vegan ourselves, we had hoped she would take to a vegan diet but recognized this great could take time. To our surprise from the first bite she loved her vegan kibble (Petcurian Gather, Endless Valley) and slowly has discovered the joy of veggies and fruits.
We now home cook a mixture of organic split green or yellow peas, an organic grain, organic sweet potatoes and carrots, cranberries and add vegedog along with some omegas and vehement nutritional yeast. She now receives a mix of this with some kibble and raw veggies or spurilina added. She loves it!!!  
It feels so good to know she is healthy and happy we can hopefully ward off cancer and other ailments.
Thank you Vecado for offering great products!


Michele B.