Story about Dove - Love from the first Kibble!
Story about Dove - Love from the first Kibble!

Story about Dove - Love from the first Kibble!

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Love from the first kibble!

I bought the sample pack out of curiosity, after reading tons about cat nutrition, and because I love all animals. My cat DOVE into the kibble and just loved it.
I am still slowly weaning him off his meat wet, but it's about a can a month, as he loves the gourmet evolution wet (about half a cup or more) mixed with a table spoon of his old cat food (I section and freeze it, so a can lasts for a month) and I mix it all up with some water, which is good for preventing/dissolving crystals, which cats are prone to.
His PH is 6.5 (I get it tested regularly. I get a sample and take it in so he doesn't have the stress of going to the vet). His weight is healthy. There are zero crystals in his urine.
He still prefers his kibble before his meat mixture, and eventually, he may eat completely vegan, if his health remains intact, as it is now. I"m just slowly decreasing the amount of meat I add. Going to a tea spoon next month. Also, his fur literally thickened and got more shiny when he started evolution. I think it's just the good nutrition and taurine they put in it. His poos are healthy too.
Delivery was efficient and on time, and they always include some nutritional yeast which is nice... I sometimes sprinkle a little on wet (he loves it). Also, I give him the covered cranberries for treats (good for PH/preventing crystals) and/or one or two on top of his kibble (and he loves those too). All around a really good experience!
I would suggest weaning your cat slowly off of whatever food they are on for better success, and definitely add water to help them get more hydration! I figure even cutting his meat consumption way back is better than nothing and the goal is to not buy dead animals at all one day.
Of course I'm fully vegan and fully healthy. I run half marathons etc... But so far kitty is even healthier with this food added and now his primary food, so I do intend to continue on this regime.
Thanks and good luck! Meow :-)