We Support Hannah

In 2015 Hannah Gregus has launched a project to raise awareness about what really happens with animals, to spread information, share experiences, understand compassion and encourage alternatives.

Project name is Symphathy at Slaughter.

Sympathy = The formal expression and feelings of heartache and sorrow for someone else's misfortune; condolences at~ 

Slaughter = Massacre, murdering, (mass) murder, killing, execution,  annihilation, extermination, liquidation, decimation, carnage, butchery, bloodshed, genocide; literally slaying. 

Hanna's message is clear: "We ALL need to raise our awareness level and extend our circle of  compassion to include ALL animals. We ALL need to be working together  universally, compassionately, with respect to the misfortune of those  who are still under the illusive reality the meat and animal product industry has created." 


With so many alternatives available, no one needs to participate in or endorse this extreme and unnecessary cruelty. It is Hanna's mission to make people understand but she can't do it without your help!

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