Rent-A-Jar (Page for Business Owners)

About the Service

Rent-a-Jar is a service that dog walkers and pet sitters can offer to their clients. It’s very simple: you give your client a jar filled with Evolution Diet premium pet food, and you refill the jar once they are out of food.

It’s a great service to add to your existing services – dog walking, pet sitting and boarding services – because:

  • the client doesn’t have to worry about getting high quality pet food
  • the pet is getting first class nutrition, and
  • you increase your earnings

The chart below shows prices, costs and net profit.

About Evolution Diet products

Evolution Diet has been on the market for over 20 years. It is a trusted brand with many industry accolades.

You can review what Canadian customers say about the brand and our company on the testimonials page.

Evolution products are not available in GTA stores. Toronto pet owners can only buy Evolution Diet online, in which case they have to pay for shipping and most people don’t like paying for shipping. Which is why Rent-a-Jar service would appeal to many pet owners in the GTA.

Evolution advantage

  • Fortified formula guarantees 30% protein and ensures more nutrients per pound than regular brands (other brands have 18-20% protein)
  • The product has all essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals
    • Taurine
    • Methionine
    • Lysine
    • Vitamin B12 Supplement
    • + many other vitamins and minerals
  • Protein comes only from the plant-based sources
    • The problem with regular pet foods is that they put low grade meat ingredients, which contains antibiotics and growth hormone residues from farmed animals. Our product solves the issue by providing plant-based protein. When pet owners switch to this brand
      • their dogs and cats grow a shinier, silkier coat
      • bad breath stops
      • pets become more active and energetic
  • 100% Vegan, Cruelty-free
  • Planet-friendly

Pet Owners

The product will work well for all of your customers. Evolution Diet will especially appeal to customers who themselves are on a plant-based diet – either a vegetarian or a vegan diet. Furthermore, customers whose pets have food sensitivities will also benefit from this product.


10% off + FREE delivery

Offer expires Nov 30, 2015

*Offer available only in the GTA

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