🌺 Remembering Animal Heroes

🌺 A tribute to the bravery and contributions of Canadian veterans and the hero animals who served by their side 🌺

A variety of animals have served in wartime: mules, horses, pigeons, and dogs contributed greatly during the war.

Mules carried artillery, horses transported troops and hauled field guns, pigeons delivered important messages, and dogs acted as messengers, medical assistants, bomb detectors, and search and rescue workers. Cats kept ships free of vermin and provided companionship.



Each of them is a hero as they have given their tireless efforts and their lives to aid their country.

We observe this Remembrance Day with all respect in our hearts.❤️

This day is a perfect day to enjoy the outdoors while honoring veterans, active-duty service members, and war animals.

When introducing your pet to a complete vegan diet, you not only show love for your dog or cat, but also to all other animals that are not being killed for pet food.

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