Story about  Thriving vegan Pets
Story about  Thriving vegan Pets

Story about Thriving vegan Pets

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Our Thriving Vegan Babies!

Myself and Catherine, have a home full of love and happiness.
We share our house with cats, rabbits and a dog. Our animals mean the world to us and nothing is more important than their health and well being.
After reading and discovering that the traditional pet foods sold at the store is filled with very questionable ingredients we decided to look for more healthy alternatives.
The biggest problem for us what serving them abused and diseased animals.
When we found out that dogs and cats could eat a balanced diet with Vecado plant-based pet foods, we were ready to transition our family to a more healthy and humane way of eating.
Of course we make sure that our animal friends get everything they need and we monitor them at all times. So far we see them full of energy with a very healthy appetite. They love it when we mix the soft canned food with the kibbles. Its a special treat for them from time to time.  
We are very happy with Vecado and so are our furry friends.

Josiane L.