Story about Teddy
Story about Teddy
Story about Teddy

Story about Teddy

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Make compassionate choices!

We adopted Teddy from a rescue. He went from being a street dog in Greece to a spoiled rotten monster who sleeps in our bed.
From the very beginning, Teddy had loose stools and skin issues. We tried one brand but we didn't see any improvement. That food is made by a company that uses animal ingredients in other formulas so the risk of cross-contamination is high. 
The vet dermatologist suggested switching Teddy's food and that's when we started our research and came across Ami.
The staff at Vecado was amazing at answering all of our questions. Teddy loves the taste and while he still has issues with his skin (we don't yet know the source of his allergies and it could be environmental), his poops are normal now and he has a ton of energy.
As a vegan family, it's extremely important for us to choose dog food that is healthy, leaves a smaller carbon paw print on our precious planet, and doesn't harm animals. Having the options for pick-up or delivery is great. 
Making compassionate choices has never been easier! 

B. R.


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