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Puppies and vegan dog food

Many of us contemplated getting a puppy at some point. It is an extremely exciting and fun time for great many reasons. This is also the most important life stage of a dog, because that's when she develops new habits, which last a lifetime. This includes behavioral habits as well as their food preference. If you give them kibble - they will get used to dry food. If you provide moist food in cans, they will develop a preference to wet food. If you feed them a raw meat diet, they will develop a preference to raw meat. If you are vegan and considering getting a puppy, then feeding a puppy a meat-based diet certainly presents an ethical challenge. But can...

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Urinary Health of Cats

According to Nationwide, pet insurance agency, the #1 illness for cats is FLUTD1 - Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease. Much like diabetes and heart disease are the leading illnesses in humans, urinary health issues are the leading illnesses in cats. This article is pays particular attention to the urinary health of cats with regards to plant-based diets. With the lower tract urinary disease, the urinary bladder and the urethra (see diagram below) are affected the most. Image 1. Feline Urinary System - Male and Female The most frequently cited cause of urinary tract disease is improper hydration3, 4. In Canada, 1/3 of all food that is fed to cats is wet food, while the remaining majority (about 2/3)2 is dry food. Since cats get water from their food, when the food is...

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