If cats and dogs had New Year Resolutions...

Did you know that cats, and especially dogs, set out New Year resolutions the same way as humans do!? 😉
Well, to be honest we don't know if that's really the case, but we thought it would be fun to watch our furry friends fulfilling the same New Year Resolutions as we do!
Can you guess which resolution is being accomplished in each image? 
Comment below with your guesses and image numbers!

As a big challenge for 2021, we encourage you to save 100 animals by switching your pets to a vegan diet.

Over their lifetime cats and dogs consume hundreds if not thousands of animals. By switching their diet you save lives of chickens, sheep, cows and tuna, while also giving your pet some great benefits: making their digestion easier, offering less toxic food (which is lower on the bioaccumulation chain), triggering fewer allergies, confronting extra weight, and reducing lethargy and bad odors.

Thousands of people have transitioned their pets. The transition is not always easy, but at the end it is always rewarding for the health of your pet and for the well-being of farm animals. 

Your journey starts with research. Don't stop with the information that lies on the surface. Dig deeper, talk to people who have transitioned their pets, read some research on vegan pet food, reach out to vets who have a thorough understanding of vegan pet food.

Get a sample for your pet to try. See if they are interested in plant-based pet food. Don't give up if they try one formula and don't show much interest, there are many great vegan kibbles to try and wet food formulas to explore.

Transitioning. Take time and be patient when switching to a vegan diet. Transition usually takes 2 weeks, but sometimes can take longer.

Monitoring. Observe how the weight of our pet changes and adjust the amount of food accordingly. Continue with annual health checkups at the vet's office. Bloodwork might surprise your vet. In a very good way. Provide ample of water (especially for male cats) and monitor your cat's urine pH.

And before you know it - you and your furry friend are saving lives of farm animals. All it takes is the first step. And we'll support you every step of the way!


Comment below with your guesses and image numbers!



  • Ina Kessler

    1-begin everyday day with yoga
    2-start my Bob Ross painting lessons
    3-get my dad to stop smoking
    4-go back packing up Mt. Shasta
    5-read every book I own
    6-Try a hairstyle “outside my comfort zone”
    7-be unabashedly affectionate to my soulmate in public
    8-go to my family flock reunion this year

  • Ina Kessler

    I think it’s a resolution to get together with family.

  • Kendyra

    Our kittens absolutely LOVE their delicious and healthy Vegan wet and kibble food. We sprinkle it with nori flakes and Green Mush for a gourmet culinary experience. I love that my cats no longer have stinky chicken breath.

  • Caroline Kadlec

    Stop Factory Farming!

  • Margaret Henderson

    Go Vegan!

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