I am vegan, but can my companion animal be vegan too?

"I want to live my vegan values, but also have a responsibility toward my companion animal to provide him/her with best possible nutrition..."

You care about all living beings and the planet, and this is why you joined this exciting global vegan movement. You are leading a healthy lifestyle and are happy to cook delicious vegan meals for yourself and your family. In fact, the only meat-based product that you will find in your home is your companion animal's food.

This creates a dilemma.

One one hand, you wish your household was completely vegan. On the other hand, you have a responsibility to provide the best nutrition to your beloved cat and dog. Veganism works for you, but would it work for them?

Looking for information on the Internet doesn't necessarily help. You probably found stories of how cats and dogs got sick from eating lettuce and carrots off the table, and are not sure what to make out of them. What we'd like to help you see is that these stories are a far cry from a well-balanced, complete vegan pet diet.

Vegan pet food industry has come a long way to develop formulas that are healthy, balanced and meet all nutritional standards of the pet food industry. We can list many reasons why properly formulated vegan food is the best choice for your companion animal:

  1. It meets or exceeds all standards established by the pet food industry,
  2. It has all the nutrients your pet requires,
  3. It is easily digestible and does not normally cause allergic reactions (unlike meat),
  4. Vegan ingredients are lower on the food chain, containing fewer toxins
  5. It does not contain harmful ingredients being put into meat based products (digest, antibiotics, animal by-products, sick/diseased animals),
  6. Vegan food has much less chance of bacterial contamination,
  7. Vegan food has been around for many decades, during which time many thousands cats and dogs were successfully transitioned,
  8. Numerous research studies support the validity of vegan pet food, as well as thousands of real-life examples.

Nutrients – Not Ingredients – is what really Matters

Dr. Andrew Knight

"Protein that is sourced from animal meats like chicken, beef and pork are common culprits of food allergies in dogs. Feeding your dog with vegetable-based proteins may help provide them relief from skin allergies and other sensitives."

Dr. Jean-Paul Ly

Taking this information into account, the dilemma you are facing has a simple win-win solution - best one for your animal and the environment.

You CAN live your values AND provide your dog and cat with vegan pet food that is healthy and has no negative consequences on other animals or the planet.

Read about vegan nutrition for cats and dogs, choose the right product, and give it a chance! Let Vecado Plant-Based Pet Food guide you every step of the way. 

On the fence about vegan pet food?

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  • age of pet

  • gender ⚥ and

  • health situation

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