Story about Rolfie
Story about Rolfie

Story about Rolfie

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No allergy!

My nine year old raw fed GSD was hypothyroid for two years and also allergic to many things causing him to have severe hotspots. Then he started having loose stools and even needed to go frequently during the night. Blood work revealed that he had elevated liver enzymes.
The vet said that I needed to give him a bland diet and so I did some research and decided to switch Rolfie to a home cooked vegan diet. I was concerned about him lacking essential vitamins and minerals. The addition of VegeDog, Green Mush and nutritional yeast came up on many of the websites I searched as being very beneficial so I purchased these from Vecado.
My order arrived with two weeks. Since feeding Rolfie this new diet it became obvious that he had become hyperthyroid and so he is now off the thyroid medication. His bowels are back to normal and his allergies, are much improved. I am also hoping that the next blood test will reveal that his liver is now okay.

Karen L.