Story about Molly
Story about Molly
Story about Molly

Story about Molly

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Vegan Dog Food is available!

I was searching the internet for vegan dog food available in Canada and i found Vecado.
I immediately make a purchase of the taster pack, which my dog went crazy of it all.

My pomeranian is usualy quite picky on dry food, we use Evolution Diet Gourmet fondue and she loves it. When she don't feel like having dry food we just mix it with nutritional yeast and hot water. She is crazy about the cranberries and the sweet potatoes but her ultimate feast is the canned Evolution Fortified food.

Vecado provides exceptional customer service, i often receive message from Mikhail about discount and feedback.

Me and my wife turned Vegan this year for ethic reasons and we have discovered that we are in better shape than we have ever been in our entire life. Then we realized what our dog was really eating in her pet shop food, we had to put a stop to it.
Our dog is more playful, she burst with energy, she smells and look better !

Thank you Vecado for providing affordable Vegan food to Canadian and helping put an end at all this cruelty.

Eric F.