Story about Lulu - Forever young!
Story about Lulu - Forever young!

Story about Lulu - Forever young!

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Forever young!

My beautiful dog Lulu will be 13 years old in a few months. She is full of life and energy. People who meet her think she's a young dog and are usually surprised to learn how old she is.
I credit her diet which is primarily plant-based. She is trim and active and is living a happy life. She loves her Gourmet Maximum Life kibble. I have to also talk about the delivery service, as it is amazing. My last delivery I emailed to say I was out for part of the day, and I got a reply straight away asking where the delivery could be left if I wasn't home. Plus, I got a text message to confirm.
That is great service and it makes it a lot easier to be a loyal customer.
- What helped you make the decision to switch to vegan pet food?
- Becoming vegan myself was the first step, it opened up my eyes to the terrible suffering of animals and how it is unnecessary for humans to eat flesh foods. Now that Lulu is eating a vegan kibble, I feel good about reducing the harm to animals, to the environment, and to Lulu herself. 

Josiane L.