Story about Jasper
Story about Jasper

Story about Jasper

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When's dinner?

I have been vegetarian for a couple of years now and have been migrating myself more and more towards being vegan. All this time my dog had been eating a highly rated meat-based food and I always felt conflicted when buying it, since I advocate for plant-based lifestyles.
Then I saw an undercover video on ducks, and what happens to them when they are slaughtered. It pushed me over the edge. There was a recipe in my dog's food line that was "free-run duck" and I realized that the "free-run" speaks nothing of how the ducks are slaughtered. I felt nauseous to think that I was perpetuating such a practise with my money. And not just ducks, but all animals.
So, a search to transition my dog to veganism was underway. I landed on Gourmet Max Life and although it hasn't been all too long, Lenny has been doing just fine. His coat still shines, which is what I was keeping an eye on. One major plus is that his anal gland problem seems to have been fixed!
There hasn't been any shootin' or terrible smells at all, which is excellent because that was awfully gross. Lastly, we lucked out by living so close to "home office" which means we can go and pick up our order in record time.


Todd T.