Story about 3 Cats -  - Test a Tasty
Story about 3 Cats -  - Test a Tasty

Story about 3 Cats - - Test a Tasty

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Test a Tasty!

My husband and I have been vegan for a few years, and we often talked about vegan cat food, but didn’t have enough health information, nor could we find a place online that had decent S&H prices and was a Canadian supplier.
Eventually we came across the Vecado site, the prices were in our range, and they had some great nutritional info, and after doing a bit more research of my own, decided to try out the Evolution Diet with our three cats.

We took a couple weeks to transition them to the new food, and haven’t looked back, it’s been a huge blessing. We used to feed them three small meals a day, and they always seemed like they were starving, but if I gave them more, they would gain weight. With the new food, I feed them twice a day, and sometimes they even leave some kibble in their bowls.
One of my cats, on the old food (which was a high quality, vet brand), he would eat so fast, and every couple days he would throw up, so before the switch, I was feeding him by hand to slow him down. On the new food, he’s gotten sick maybe two or three times in six months (and he eats on his own). I would also say all of their coats are nicer, and they get along better.

They all had their annual physicals in April and May, and they all came away with a clean bill of health.

Jackie F.

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