All-in-one Sample Pack for Cats


All-in-one Sample Pack for Cats

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Cats are real gourmets with a discerning palate. Their taste buds are so much more prevalent than ours that it's sometimes difficult to find a suitable and tasty food. That's why we have combined sample-size bags into the All-in-one Sample Pack for Cats, which helps finding the flavour that works best!

Included Brands


Content of the All-in-one Sample Pack

  • Evolution Diet
    • 1 Sample bag of Evolution Diet Gourmet Fondue Dry kibble (400 g)
    • 1 Sample bag of Evolution Diet MaxLife Cat kibble (400 g)
    • 1 Can of Evolution Diet Moist Food (369 g)
    • 1 Small Bag of Cranberry Treats (~15 g)
    • 1 Small Pouch of Nutritional Yeast (~15 g)
  • Ami Cat food
    • 1 Sample bag of Ami Cat Food kibble (300 g)
  • Benevo
    • 1 Sample bag of Benevo Cat Original kibble (400 g)
    • 1 Can Benevo Duo Complete Food for Cats and Dogs (369 g)
  • Instructions sheet