Society for the Protection of Animals Canada

We Support SPA

SPA is the largest animal rights protection agency in Canada. It’s a non-profit organization that improves the well-being of all animals in Canada. SPA has been working on several key projects:

  • Taking real action against unfair treatment of animals by conducting investigations to reveal cases of injustice or cruelty to animals
  • Reviewing, commenting, inspiring action in relation to the new laws for animal rights
  • Organizing marches and protests
  • Organizing information kiosks in the streets, festivals, concerts, etc.
  • Creating films and documentaries
  • Organizing volunteer days in animal shelters


One particularly disturbing investigation conducted by SPA was in relation to Berger Blanc, a for-profit animal pound, a place where homeless animals would be placed and eventually killed. Animals were treated very badly, and weren’t even given a chance for adoption. SPA Canada's actions pushed many cities and burroughs to cut ties with them, however many other municipalities still use Berger Blanc. Read more about the investigation here.

World Tofu Day

Each year SPA organizes 'World Tofu Day' event, which was the biggest public vegan barbecue in the country! World Tofu Day is meant to celebrate plant-based diets and raise awareness. More info here:


You can support SPA too

There are many ways to support SPA: explore the website, sign petition, and get involved.