Why We Stand Behind the Plant-Based Treaty: Join Us in Creating a Sustainable Future!

For nearly a decade Vecado has been committed to a more sustainable future by spreading awareness and distributing plant-based products for pets.
Today, we proudly solidify our commitment by signing the Plant-Based Treaty, a global initiative prioritizing the adoption of plant-based diets to combat the climate crisis and build a healthier future. Our mission closely aligns with the core principles of this treaty, as we strive to promote sustainable choices and contribute to a positive environmental impact.

With approximately 471,000,000 pet dogs and 370,000,000 pet cats consuming meat-based foods and treats, the pet food industry has a significant negative effects on the planet. Choosing plant-based pet food can provide many health benefits to cats & dogs, while substantially reducing the harm caused to farm animals, and reducing the environmental impact of animal agriculture; a major contributor to climate change.

At Vecado, we are proud to offer a healthy, planet-friendly solution to pet guardians, helping them further reduce their consumption of animal-based products, which is a core principle of the treaty.

We invite you to join us to actively REDIRECT the source ingredients of pet food from an animal-based system towards a plant-based system, prioritizing the well-being of our furry friends and fostering a sustainable lifestyle.
Add your name to The Plant-Based Treaty and endorse the movement!

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