Where to Get Vegan Pet Food in US and Canada

Did you know there are at least 10 websites + 29 physical locations where you can get vegan pet food in the US & Canada?

where to buy vegan pet food in Canada and US vegan cat food and vegan dog food

When Vecado ran a poll and asked what’s the most difficult thing about vegan pet food, pet guardians said availability. They said it’s hard to find stores that carry vegan pet food, and that shipping from online outlets is expensive.

So we created this guide to help locate outlets (Stores and Online) to make vegan pet food easier to find.

While vegan dog food is available in specialized stores, vegan cat food can be hard to find. The two tables below (one for Canada and one for the US) clearly show where to find vegan cat food and vegan dog food in the US & Canada.

Do you know of other outlets (online and stores) in US & Canada that carry vegan pet food? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll add it to our Guide.

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Where to Buy Vegan Pet Food
Canada GUIDE

Online Outlets in Canada





CandianPetConnection.ca (dog food only)

Stores / Physical Locations in Canada

  • Toronto & GTA, Ontario

    • Vecado, Toronto

    • Bark & Meow, Toronto

    • The Dog Bowl, Toronto

    • M+J Happy Pet, Mississauga

  • Montreal, Quebec

    • VGRRR, Montreal

    • Herbivores, Montreal

    • Cam & Roro, Montreal

    • Sham, Montreal

    • Veganation, Montreal

    • Manatie, Saint-Hubert

    • Ekkolo, Brossard

    • Clinique Vétérinaire Deux Montagnes, Saint Lazare

  • Thunder Bay, Ontario

    • Compass Foods, Thunder Bay (dog food only)

  • Meaford, Ontario

    • Meaford Pet Supply Store, Meaford (dog food only)

  • St. John, New Brunswick

    • Pet Planet St. John

  • Edmonton, Alberta

    • G&E Pharmacy, Edmonton

  • Vancouver, British Columbia

    • Vegan Supply, Vancouver

    • Donald’s Market Hastings, Vancouver

    • Vecado, Coquitlam

  • Kelowna, British Columbia

    • Pawsitivity Vet Clinic (dog food only)



Where to Buy Vegan Pet Food

Online Outlets in USA

Petfoodshop.com / Evolution Diet

CompassionCircle.com / VegePet Supplements




V-dog.com (dog food only)

Chewy.com (dog food only)

Dr Chew.com (dog treats olny)

PetGuard Organics.com

Wild Earth Dog Food (dog food only)

Stores / Physical Locations in USA

  • Minneapolis, Minnesota

    • Evolution Diet HQ, St. John

    • Eureka Compass Vegan Store, St. John

    • Nutrition City Supplements & Health Food Store, Minneapolis

  • Huntington Beach, California

    • Eco Dogs & Cats

  • San Diego, California

    • Loving Hut Restaurant, San Diego

    • Peace Baja Animal Rescue Sanctuary, San Diego

  • Austin, Texas

    • Rabbit Food Groceries, Austin

  • Seattle, Washington

    • Vegan Haven, Seattle

  • Waukesha, Wisconsin

    • Vegan Essentials, Waukesha

For V-dog availability in stores please check V-dog.com store locator page.

Vegan dog food brands such Natural Balance, Halo, Endless Valley are available in PetSmart.com and PetValue.com - please see their store locator pages to find the complete list of location nearest to you.


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