Veganize Your Companion Animal to Save the Planet!

It takes hundreds of farm Animals to feed just 1 Cat or 1 Dog over a life-time!

Here are some of the reasons why we advise everyone to abandon meat-based products in favor of a well-balanced vegan diet for your Companion Animal.


Reduce Animal Cruelty

Worldwide annually, over 50 billion cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, and other farmed animals are slaughtered for their flesh. The Humane Slaughter Act is poorly enforced and excludes poultry, which comprise over 95% of the animals slaughtered for food. Animals are often not properly stunned prior to being killed. They are routinely castrated, branded, and dehorned without anesthesia. Farmed animals are just as sensitive, intelligent, and capable of feeling pain as the dogs and cats cherished as companions, and should not have to suffer. [1]

Help the Environment

There is good evidence that animal agriculture contributes to global warming. Factory farms produce billions of pounds of manure, polluting lakes, rivers, and drinking water daily. Farmed animals produce greenhouse gases which contribute to global warming. Global warming threatens planetary survival through destruction of wildlife habitats, flooding of coastal communities, and extreme weather conditions. [2]

Meat-based pet food requires much more energy, land and water to produce than plant-based pet food. Inefficient use of resources produces more harmful byproducts that have a negative effect on the environment. Research found that meat consumption by dogs and cats creates 64 million tons of harmful carbon dioxide a year in US alone, same amount produced from driving 13.6 million cars! In fact, if American cats and dogs were their own country, they'd rank 5th in global meat consumption. [3]

Animal agriculture also produces a dangerous methane gas, a chemical released via cow flatulence and considered even more harmful than carbon dioxide. According to a recent United Nations study by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), about 30-40% of total methane emissions generated by human-influenced activities comes from bovine waste.[1] As more and more countries eat more and more meat, more methane and CO2 are released into the atmosphere, further heating up the planet and putting everyone’s future at risk. [2] A vegetarian diet uses less fossil fuel and is therefore more energy efficient and less polluting than the average meat-based diet.

Solve World Hunger

Annually, 840 million people suffer from chronic hunger and 24,000 people die of hunger daily. Most starvation deaths are caused by inequitable distribution and inefficient use of food resources. Following a meat-centered diet contributes to world hunger because 10-20 times as much land is required for a meat-based diet compared to a plant-based diet, and nearly half of the world’s grains and soybeans are used to feed livestock. The resultant waste of calories is so extensive that even a 10% drop in U.S. meat consumption could make sufficient food available to feed the world’s starving millions. [1]

Veganize your household for the sake of the planet!

Vecado Team


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