Gourmet Maximum Life Formula now contains Organic Soybean oil and Soybeans

Evolution Diet recently updated their best-selling Gourmet Maximum life formula - Maximum Life is now not only non-GMO, but it also contains organic ingredients:

  • Organic Soy Beans
  • Organic Soybean Oil


    Maximum Life is now lighter in color and smells slightly differently.

    With this change we recommend transitioning to the new Maximum Life formula gradually. We advise mixing the old food with the updated formula using 2 : 1 ratio (2 parts of old food to 1 part new Max Life). Then gradually replacing all the old food with the new Max Life.

    • You may also consider adding pNooch (nutritional yeast for pets) for cheesy flavour

    We welcome any question at support@vecado.ca


    More Information about Maximum Life

    What makes Max Life so popular?

    • Grain freegluten free,100% non-GMO product, formulated for your dog's/cat's maximum health. 
    • *NEW feature* Organic Ingredients ~ we have improved the formula and now it contains organic soy beans and organic soybean oil.
    • 100% Plant-based formula ~ all ingredients are from plant-based sources.
    • 30% Protein ~ contains 30% of high-quality plant-based protein.
    • AAFCO compliant ~ meets/exceeds the regulatory requirements.
    • Formulated for all life stages ~ designed for adult dogs, puppies, senior dogs and pregnant dogs.
    • Condensed formula ~ dry kibble contains densely packed nutrients and adding water unpacks the goodness for better digestion, hydration and economy.
    • Planet-friendlyproducing a plant-based kibble has a minimal environmental footprint, much smaller than that of meat-based kibbles


    vegan cat food Maximum Life kibble

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