Is your dog or cat a picky eater?

Dogs & cats may be reluctant to eat their daily food for various reasons. And in this email we’ll try to provide you with some very practical recommendations to encourage them to eat better!

#1. Add Nutritional Yeast

Taste Preferences: Just like humans, pets have taste preferences. Some may prefer certain flavors over others. Especially when they transition from one food to another they may prefer to stick to the old food.

But fortunately there are foods that are soo good that nearly all dogs and cats like them. And nutritional yeast is one of those foods that cats and dogs simply like.

VegeYeast is a great choice to boost the flavour. Furthermore, vegan chic’n and vegan cheese flavoured pNooch powders (another variety of nutritional yeast), can also be added to any dry food, wet food or to any home-made recipe.

For 1 cup of dry kibble, sprinkle ⅓ of a teaspoon of nutritional yeast.

The regular flaky nutritional yeast (for humans) can be used as a flavour booster for pets as well. So try different things to see what works best!

Flavour Boosters

Add VegeYeast

 Add pNooch

VegeYeast boosts overall health and taste for cats and dogs. It provides vitamin B complex and protein to support the nervous system.

Potent cheesy flavour helps transition to a plant-based diet, improves the palatability of any meal, and is a great flavour booster for dogs & cats.


#2. Use the right Texture

Texture Matters: Some pets prefer wet food, while others like dry kibble. Some like  coarse, chopped texture or a smooth consistency. Cats are sensitive to texture and may reject food that doesn’t feel right in their mouths.

You can try mixing dry and wet food formulas to create the perfect texture. And if they like smooth consistency, then you can put their food through the blender to get rid of any chunky pieces.

If you ran out of moist food in cans, you can also try adding just regular water or distilled water to dry kibble. Not only adding water changes the texture (makes it soft and mushy), but also increases hydration for better urinary health.

dry Vegan Dog Food

  • Highly rated with picky eaters

  • Made from high quality ingredients

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Easily digestible

dry Vegan Cat Food

  • Best-selling vegan cat food formulas, which are popular for their good taste

  • Non-GMO European ingredients

  • Grain & gluten free

  • Allergy-friendly

moist Food with chunky texture

Extra Life moist food  Benevo Duo moist food
  • Top of the line vegan moist food

    suitable for dogs & cats of all life stages

  • Made with Organic, non-GMO ingredients

  • Day-to-day budget-friendly vegan moist food

  • Suitable for dogs & cats of all life stages

  • No soy formula

  • Non-GMO ingredients



#3. Fix upset stomach

Previous Experience with foods: Negative experiences with certain foods can make pets wary. If they’ve had an upset stomach as a result, they may avoid it in the future.

To normalize the tummy, add digestive enzymes and fibre-rich foods, such as pumpkin.

You can sneak some of these with their favourite treats (see below).

Digestive Enzyme  Pure Pumpkin Cans
  • Improves digestion

  • Helps absorbing more nutrients

  • Reduces toxin build-up

  • Single ingredient - organic pumpkin

  • A treat, a topper - not a complete meal

  • Excellent source of fibre for better digestion


#4. Manage stress

Stress: High anxiety levels can affect pet’s appetite. They may not eat well if they are in stress.

But you can help reduce their stress with tasty, stress-reducing treats.

Vivus Calming Treats for dogs  Vecado Catnip Cat treats
  • active ingredients
    Ashwagandha, chamomile, Magnolia officinalis, Phellodendron amurense, L-theanine, L-tryptophan,

  • helps dogs to relax

  • Catnip helps to reduce anxiety, stress, stomach pain and bloating in cats


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