How Vegan Diets work for Dogs and Cats?


Plant Ingredients + Supplementation = Complete Nutrition

Plants can provide most of the nutrients dogs and cat required - proteins, fats, fibre, vitamins and minerals. There are certain nutrients, such as taurine, arachidonic acid etc., that are only available in minute quantities in plants, and therefore must be supplemented.


Nearly ALL MEAT-BASED formulas are SUPPLEMENTED, because natural nutrients, such as taurine, are baked out during the high-temperature preparation. Synthetic taurine is added to nearly all pet foods.

Vegan formulas are designed by certified nutritionists in accordance with the same standards as meat-based formulas and therefore they contain all required nutrients.

From the perspective of nutritional standards vegan and meat-based formulas are not that much different. The big difference is that vegan diets do not contain high-concentration of toxins (which accumulate in meat), they do not contain antibiotics and growth hormones (which are used in meat- and poultry industry), and vegan diets don't require farm animals to be used for pet food.

Vegan formulas are not only nutritionally complete for adult cats and dogs, but also for puppies and kittensPuppies and kittens have higher nutrient requirements (more protein intake, for example) for their growing bodies, and vegan pet foods can meet their requirements as well.

Pet food studies have been performed and pets live just as long, or longer, on plant-based diets compared to meat-based diets (Vegan Cat Food Study).

Would it be fair to say that vegan diets work for all dogs and cats? There are urinary health consideration and individual preferences, but in most cases vegan diets work fine. To find out whether a vegan diet would work for your pet, you can take Vegan Pet Food Online Assessment. In a few steps you'll know whether vegan pet food is suitable for the individual needs of your furry friend. At the end of the assessment you can opt to receive a FREE VEGAN sample pack with 3 flavours.

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