How many animals were killed in Canada in 2016

Canadians killed more than 771 million land animals for food in 2016

We know that veganism as a global movement is on the rise - self-reported 6% of Americans are now vegan, and the number is probably similar among Canadians. More and more vegan restaurants open every year, vegan food is more accessible in hospitals and university campuses, and research on veganism is being funded and published. 

This is great, however.. 

We also know that Canadians killed 20 million more animals for food in 2016 than they did in 2015.[1] The report from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada indicates that we killed 771,625,940 land animals for food in 2016—up from 750 million farmed animals killed in 2015. 

Here are the numbers broken down by sector:

Meat chickens: 681,913,737
Egg-laying hens: 37,877,047
Turkeys: 21,732,157
Pigs: 21,261,873
Adult cows: 2,802,568
Calves: 236,858
Horses: 53,763
Sheeps and Lambs: 552,800
Goats: 57,118
Bisons: 11,568
Rabbits: 621,431
Ducks/geese: 5,057,820

We hope that as more Canadian households become vegan, this trend will eventually reverse and Canada will move toward a more humane society. Vegan pet food industry has been an integral part of the vegan movement, and we know that a well-balanced plant-based diet for cats and dogs is not only ethical, but very healthy. Please read our summaries of vegan food research for dogs and cats here, and we hope that this information will be a starting point for you to change things around in your household.    


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