How Kitties Change Oceans

The unprecedented volume of pet food production for cats and dogs affects our oceans.

In this post we shed some light on the issue.

forage fish used for dog and cat food

forage fish in food chain

forage fish is used for fishmeal for dog and cat food

fishmeal is used in pet food

overfishing puts ecosystem at risk and hence people use vegan dog food or vegan cat food

stockpile of forage fishes used for fishmeal

2.9 million tons of fish is used to make fishmeal for pets.

2.5 million tons of raw fish is used for feeding cats directly.

16.2 million tons of fish is used to make fishmeal, which is used to feed Pigs, Cows and Chickens. Some of those Pigs, Cows and Chickens are fed to cats and dogs.

marine ecosystem is dying due to forage species overfishing

Depleted ocean floor.

forage fish in the warehouse but should be in the oceans

empty dying oceans due to overfishing of forage species

Without a well-functioning ecosystem oceans are dying.

food from ocean is not ideal for cats and dogs

cats get sick when eat too much pet food with fish

Sick cat.

seafood is not recommended for cats due to contaminants

rancidity is another big problem for pet food and storing fishmeal

over time cats and dogs that eat pet food with fishmeal can get seriously sick

dog sick from products containing fishmeal

Sick dog.

vegan dog food and vegan cat food are great alternatives to fishmeal containing pet foods

vegan dog food and vegan cat food makes oceans happy

vegan dog food and vegan cat food makes cats and dogs happy

We thank everyone who made it their life's mission to protect the oceans and the marine life!

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