15 tips to extend lives of companion animals

If you are a guardian to a Cat, Dog, Ferret, Rabbit, Gerbil or a Mouse, please read information below. These tips will save you money and time and add years to your animal's life. Please share this information with others. Kidney failure and cancer are a common cause of death in animals fed commercial products. This is a result of pesticides & herbicides in the food, added chemical preservatives and chemicals, and heavy metals in tap water.  

Here are some health tips that we have developed to prolong lives of cats, dogs, rabbits and other animals that we have cared for in our little sanctuary. We hope these tips will become useful in your household.

1. We always use distilled water for drinking and for mixing with dry kibble food, because it works to remove debris from the urinary tracts.
2. Use at-home welness tests, such as CheckUp kit for Cats and CheckUp kit for Dogs. In this way you will be able to monitor your furry friend's health easily and regularly and prevent or diagnose health issues on early stages.
3. We avoid chemical drugs - pharmaceutical, pesticides and all vaccines, except when absolutely necessary. All vaccines contain toxic compounds such as mercury, aluminum and contaminated animal blood. We don't use antibiotics and insulin, except when it's absolutely necessary.
4. We use bottled lemon juice in a spray bottle as a safe tick, flea and mosquito repellant for cats, dogs and ferrets. We spray their bodies  2 – 3 times per week, making sure that their eyes are covered during this application. This treatment can also prevent intestinal worms, Lyme disease, fleas, ticks, mosquito bites and other illnesses.  
5. We keep our Cats and Ferrets indoor and avoid lawns treated with chemicals with Dogs at all times.  
6. We only use vegan pet foods that have no chemical preservatives or chemical mold inhibitors
7. We only use safe, clean, plant-based pet foods that are 100% complete for all life stages, according to the NRC and AAFCO nutrient requirements.
8. We use continuous or intermittent, automatic electric water fountains for cats and ferrets, to entice them to drink more distilled water. This helps clear their kidneys and urinary tracts of debris and crystal-forming minerals. We have found that this drinking method prevents kidney failure and urinary tract blockage.
9. We add Vitamin C (250 - 500 mg ascorbic acid) and cranberry powder(100-200 mg) to every cat's daily meal, along with sodium saccharine or stevia (to compensate for the sour taste or bitterness of Vitamin C). This lowers pH level, increases acidity in cats' urine and prevents crystal & stone formation. We also add nutritional yeast product to the food to encourage our animals to eat plant-based food; you may also add a little stevia or saccharine to our cheesy flavoring. We offer these supplements with a 20% off discount and free shipping with food.
10. If your animal is picky and will not eat moistened Evolution Diet product, consider adding taste enhancers like nutritional yeast, Evolution pNooch Flavoring and added Vegetable Oil and / or added Earth Balance Vegan Margarine. We use combinations of these flavors for our picky animals, and add fresh shredded raw vegetables. We have found that nutritional yeast added to the food prevents fleas and ticks.
11. Adding a 1/2 level teaspoon of fresh ground organic flax seed (that you grind yourself) for every 10 lb. of body weight will reduce itching and internal inflammation in cats, dogs and ferrets. If you want to pre-grind organic flax seed for future use, always put the ground flax seed in an airtight plastic container and freeze it between uses. Grind flax seed with an electric coffee grinder, making sure no coffee gets mixed with the flax seed.  Not only is flax seed anti-inflammatory, but it is also an insulin uptake nutrient that helps reduce insulin requirements in diabetic cats, dogs, ferrets and others, including humans.
12. If you hydrate the Evolution Diet kibble, it is best to use 1 part distilled water to 1 part dry kibble foodand let it stand in a sealed refrigerated container for 16 hours and up to 3 days. Hydrated Evolution Diet dry dibble will ferment at 16 hours and offer the advantages of raw food by developing their own probiotic flora.
13. Cleaning cat boxes every day and spraying left-over litter in the cat box with hydrogen peroxide keeps kitties safer and bacteria free. We use plain clay litter because it is chemically free, which we have found to be best for longest living cats and ferrets
14. Play with your animals daily. For cats and ferrets, use a stick with a rope and a fake stuffed fish or mouse attached to the small rope. Get the cat or ferret to attack it repeatedly and pull the fake animal away. A half an hour a day is best, but do what you can do to keep all pets exercised and healthy.  
15. We clean cat, ferret and dog teeth daily with Petzlife vegan dental gel. This prevents tooth and gum infection and the need for veterinary teeth cleaning and removal of teeth. 


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