Vegetarian / Vegan Intro Pack
Vegetarian / Vegan Intro Pack


Vegetarian / Vegan Intro Pack

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Nutrients, not ingredients, is the key to understanding how vegan dog food works.

Cats and dogs have certain nutritional requirements and it does not matter whether these nutrients are derived from meat-based ingredients or plant-based ingredients. As long as those nutritional requirements are met, the cats and dogs are assured of being healthy, energetic and living long happy lives.

Some key requirements are:

  • protein content > over 18% for dogs and over 26% for cats on a dry matter basis, varies with life-stage
    • specific amino-acid profile
    • inclusion of taurine for cats (supplemented)
  • crude fat content > over 5.5% for dogs and over 9% for cats on a dry matter basis, exact amount varies by life-stage
    • Linoleic+arachidonic acid
  • minerals (as established by AAFCO)
    • calcium, phosphorus, sodium, iron, zinc etc.
  • vitamins (as established by AAFCO)
    • vitamin A, vitamin D, B12 etc. (supplemented)
  • digestability
    • easy to digest and assimilate
      • studies have shown that cats and dogs digest and assimilate plant-based ingredients as well as (or better than) meat-based ingredients 

Products featured in this pack 100% meet the nutrient requirements as established by AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) and are easily digestable.

Intro pack includes:

  • Maximum Life kibble x 1.5 kg
  • Gourmet Entree wet food x 1 can
  • Benevo Duo wet food x 1 can


* this intro pack is for first-time customers only