Refer a Friend


A lot of our clients say that it was not an easy decision to switch their pet to a plant-based diet. They do extensive research to make sure that it's the right thing to do before they order their first bag. This entire experience or researching, asking questions, trying new food, and finally switching is extremely valuable for those who are starting to consider their options. Which is why we created Friend Referral program, to provide a small incentive to people who have gone through the switching experience to share it with others.

How it works

Tell your friend about your experience with vegan pet food. Highlight any changes in your cat’s or dog’s behavior and appearance after switching. Explain pros and cons of switching. Once your friend is ready to try explain that they would get 15% off on their first purchase. And whatever that dollar amount is, it will be credited towards your next purchase.


So if your friend buys a 40 lb bag for $98, she gets 15% off, which is $14.70. And you get $14.70 off your next order as well.

*The only caveat is that your friend has to be someone who has not bought from us before. A brand new client.

Next Step

If you have a friend in mind, contact us at and we'll activate and send you the discount code, which your friend can use on their first purchase.


We’ll be running this program until Dec 20th. Don’t delay!