Montréal Flat Rate Delivery

Our first shuttle to Montréal proved to be a success! And we are doing it again!

If you were to order a 40 lb bag at any time, then shipping to Montréal would normally cost $27. However, with Montréal FLAT RATE delivery you can get the same bag for $15. If you wish to save even more on shipping, you can order 2 bags (40 lb each) and the shipping would still be $15. 

If you are considering getting 3 bags then shipping to Montréal will cost $25. And 4 Bags will cost the same.

1 bag - $15 (normally $27, so you save $12)
2 bags - $15 (normally $49, so you save $34)
3 bags - $25 (normally $72, so you save $47)
4 bags - $25 (custom shipping, so you save a lot)

Wet Food
If instead of dry kibble you wish to order wet food - you can, by substituting each bag with 3 cases:

3 cases - $15 (normally $27, so you save $12)
6 cases - $15 (normally $49, so you save $34)
9 cases - $25 (normally $72, so you save $47)
12 cases - $25 (custom shipping, so you save a lot)

Next Shuttle
May 30, 2015

Orders will be collected up until May 25 (Monday) and will be delivered either on May 30 or June 1, depending on driver availability.

Do you have to be at home?

No. It would be nice to have you at home to give you the package in person, but if you are away we will leave the package at the door , or with your neighbour if you prefer.

The shuttle will cover the following cities:
  • Oshawa
  • Peterborough
  • Kingston
  • Smiths Falls
  • Ottawa
  • Montréal

Next Step
So if you would like to save money on shipping, sign up for the Montréal FLAT RATE Delivery! The sign up link will take you to the Evolution Diet products page, where you can select the product and pick Montréal FLAT RATE Delivery option in the checkout (you must specify QC as your province).

Any feedback is most welcome so please send it to